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Event and Festival Noise Control

F1 Acoustics Co Ltd provides noise control services throughout the UK at a wide range of events from small single stage shows to multi-stage festivals. We have a combined experience of over 9 years providing high quality sound control services and all of our Consultants are members of the Institute of Acoustics. We are accustomed to liaising and negotiating with Local Authority Officers and providing expert testimony.

We undertake noise monitoring at events using sound level meters that are calibrated to traceable national standards, conforming to Class 1 and 2 as specified in BS EN 61672-1:2003. Our service is enhanced through the use of Noise Network our real-time sound monitoring system, providing sound engineers and consultants with the noise level data required to achieve compliance with the licence conditions.

Our services in detail:

Planning and Licence Applications

  • Liaison with Local Authorities
  • Baseline noise surveys
  • Site suitability assessments
  • Prediction and assessment of venue operations
  • Licence advice and negotiations
  • Noise management plans

Noise Control and Management

  • Continuous FOH noise monitoring for licence compliance, including our 'Noise Network Live' sound engineer display
  • Continuous off-site noise monitoring for licence compliance, including our 'Noise Network Remote' for real-time noise levels accessible over the internet
  • Off-site attended noise monitoring for licence compliance and complaint investigation, including our 'Noise Network Attended' module for instant sharing of measured noise levels over the internet
  • On-site cross-talk noise control

Post Event Reporting

  • Complete on-site and off-site noise monitoring results
  • Complaint investigation results
  • Detailed event noise summary suitable for submission to the Local Authority

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