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Fixed Plant and Machinery Noise

F1 Acoustics Co Ltd can provide acoustic surveys, assessments and reports to BS 4142 criteria suitable for submission to the Local Authority to support your application. We have extensive experience in carrying out BS 4142 noise surveys and assessments from single HVAC units to large scale outdoor plant and machinery consisting of many individual noise sources.

Services for the Assessment of Plant and Machinery

  • Liaison with local planning authorities to ascertain local noise assessment criteria.
  • Baseline and source measurement noise surveys to measure the current noise climate for inclusion in the assessment.
  • Detailed noise modelling for predicting noise levels from new plant at noise sensitive receptors.
  • Mitigation design advice and specification (including screens and enclosures) if the proposed plant does not meet the Local Authority criteria.
  • BS 4142 assessments based on background noise measurements; predicted/measured plant noise levels and character correction factors.
  • Reports containing agreed Local Authority criteria; noise survey summary; assessment methodology and calculations; mitigation advice and specification; and BS 4142 rating level result suitable for submission to the Local Authority to support your planning application.

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