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Sound Control at Festivals Summer 2012

Wed, 05/09/2012 - 17:11 -- rob

F1 Acoustics’ first summer has seen them working around the country providing acoustic services to Aria Acoustics at a number of exciting and interesting outdoor music events. F1 Acoustics Co Ltd have provided sound control services at Lounge on the Farm, Latitude Festival, Eurostar presents Traction, Leeds Festival, Africa Express, Shakedown Festival and The Vaccines at Alexandra Palace.

At all the events over the summer F1 Acoustics Co Ltd have worked closely with the event licensing teams, front of house engineers, artists engineers and local authorities to manage the on-site and off-site sound levels.

By monitoring the on-site music noise levels at the stages and the off-site noise levels at the nearest noise sensitive properties F1 Acoustics Co Ltd ensure compliance with the events licensing conditions with the aim of minimising complaints from local residents; while at the same time achieving the maximum possible music noise levels for the audience.

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